Tools table overview

CategoryOthers funcNameURLNotesCompany InfoBase price
PagersIncident WorkflowsPagerDuty on market, very good reliability and expanding tools to others categories.Pagerduty Inc, NYSE: PD$25/month/seat
PagersOpsGenie Corporation, TEAM (NASDAQ)$23/month/seat
PagersSplunk On-Call VictorOpsN/A
PagersGrafana OnCall Response & Management (IRM)Grafana Labs$20/month/seat
PagersIris LinkedIn
PagersIncident WorkflowsRootlyhttps://rootly.comExpanded function to pagers (2023)$15 total, last round 2023N/A
PagersIncident Workflowsincident.io function to pagers (2023)$34, last round 2022$25/month/seat
Incident ResponseIncident WorkflowsFireHydrant$6000/year
Incident ResponseJeli Slack bot by PagerDuty 2023
UtilityBackstage portal you can integrate all you tools into unfied views
UtilityStatuspage Corporation, TEAM (NASDAQ)
PostmortemsJeli by PagerDuty 2023
PagersUtilityBetterstack replacing PagerDuty, Statuspage and Pingdom for half price$28.6, last round 2024$230/month for 6 team members and 200 monitors